Booking Engine


We offer the industry's first real solution that can handle the needs of helicopter sales.

  • accurate inventory counts
  • collect and validate weights
  • scheduling
  • maintenance
  • dispatch
  • CG weight and balance
  • pilot manifests
  • fuel loading schedules
  • PART 135 compliance tools
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Tools to assign buses, drivers, routes and passengers.

  • aircraft status and pilot hours
  • wont allow double booking of helicopters or pilots
  • assign pax
  • assign pilots
  • assign helicopters
  • create routes
  • departed/arrival times
  • fuel and passenger histories
  • alert late flights
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helicopter dispatch

Pilot Manifest

Pilot Manifests

Pilots have the tools they need for simple administration of each flight.

  • assign seats
  • passenger checkin
  • CG graphical charts
  • pre/post trip checks
  • FRAT flight risk assessment tools
  • METAR weather reports
  • flight and duty logs
  • flight histories with manifest, route, passengers, chat, weather, etc.
  • custom loadouts per leg
  • custom seats/stations/weight/arm
  • more information


Completely track your maintenance and work orders in one system.

  • pre/post check histories
  • employee scheduling
  • service scheduling
  • work orders
  • parts tracking
  • maintenance histories
  • more information
Booking Engine